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St Thomas C.E (VA) Primary School

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Learning for life with Jesus

Year 4

Year 4

Mrs Fry and Mrs Tompkins


Our Timetable

What are we learning this term?



Over the term, we will explore big questions in our writing:


  • How can you create images and atmosphere? (Poetry – Metaphor)
  • What are the key features of an explanation text? (Explanation)
  • How does an author help you to learn more about a character? (Traditional Tales)
  • How does an author help you to learn more about a character? (Traditional Tales)
  • Fiction
  • How do you choose what to write about when describing someone’s life? (Biography)



  • To use simple, compound and complex sentences grammatically correctly.
  • To use capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks accurately.
  • To ensure that tense is consistent.
  • To use fronted adverbials followed by a comma.




We will be focusing on the 'VIPERS' skills to help us to learn more about a text and to be able to make links in our learning. We will focus on using retrieval skills first using traditional tales as a starting point. We will then look at vocabulary and an author's choice of language. We will then incorporate the skills of inference, prediction, explanation and summarising to develop our reading understanding.


Our class text this term will be 'Rat Burger' by David Walliams




The spelling rules we are working on are:

  • Most prefixes are  added to the beginning of root words without any changes in spelling.
  • The prefixes dis- and mis- have negative meanings
  • The prefix in- can mean both ‘not’ and ‘in’/’into’
  • Before a root word starting with l, in- becomes il.
  • Before a root word starting with m or p, in- becomes im-.
  • Before a root word starting with r, in- becomes ir-.
  • Re- means ‘again’ or ‘back’.
  • Sub- means under
  • Inter- means ‘between’ or ‘among’
  • Super- means ‘above’
  • Anti- means ‘against’
  • Auto- means ‘self’ or ‘own’


Tricky words to spell:


Probably, accident, accidentally, quarter, promise, purpose, actual, actually, breath, breathe, complete, consider, experiment, experience, library, natural, occasion, occasionally, various, particular





Our first block of learning focuses on place value. We will do this by:


Wider curriculum



We will be exploring what electricity is and how we ensure a complete circuit. We will explore conductors and insulators to break a circuit or make it complete.



We will focus on creation and what Christians believe happened at the start. We will consider the action of Adam and Eve and look at how 'the fall' introduced sin into the world.



In Art, we will be thinking more deeply about what a piece of artwork can tell us. We will we looking at various artists and exploring their thinking and intentions behind their work.



In computing, we will use the programme on Purple Mash to create our own 3-D maze.



We will be focusing on rhythm and pulse and learning the song 'Mamma Mia'



We will be learning about the history of coal mining and how it affected the local area. This will include looking at some of the locations the mines were in and the jobs people may have done.



We will explore positive friendships both face-to-face and online. We will consider when a friendship may be unhealthy and what we need to do about it. We will also learn about ways to keep ourselves safe both in person and online.

Additional Information


P.E. will take place on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Please make sure your child has the correct kit for their lessons. If you have any questions about what they need to wear, please ask me at the door in the morning or after school or check in the school office.


Homework will be set on Mondays. This includes reading 4-5 times and recording it on the reading forms, spending 10 minutes each day on TTR and spelling shed and carrying out independent learning about our current topics.

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