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St Thomas C.E (VA) Primary School

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Learning for life with Jesus

Year 4

Year 4

Mrs Fry


I am so excited to welcome you back to the third and final term of year 4!


You are now standing a little bit taller,

Your head is full of Egyptian mummies, adventures in the forest and journeys down meandering rivers.

You've been on adventures to Paris, the North Pole and have saved baby rats and dinosaurs whilst sitting in our little classroom.

You've survived a third lockdown, working at home or in school, with your lessons being taught in a new way.

Think of all the times tables you know!

Think of those conjunctions and fronted adverbials you now use!


You're blossoming like a beautiful flower,

Be proud of the unique, interesting and confident young person you are becoming!


This term, we have lots of learning to do and I am really excited to be teaching it to you.


Keeping working hard with a smile on your face!


Mrs Fry



Curriculum overview

Year 4 Timetable

What are we learning this term?



We will be investigating the use of dialogue in speech and learning how to use the correct punctuation. We will use the text 'The Thieves of Ostia' by Caroline Lawrence to inspire our writing. We will also use a wider range of vocabulary to describe a story setting ensuring that sentence structure is secure ready for year 5.



We will be focusing on the VIPERS skills to answer questions about what we have read. We will look at the layout and features of different fiction and non-fiction texts and explain how effective the presentation is for the reader. We will also explain how we know who the audience is and how a text could be improved to suit the needs of the audience.



The spelling rules we are learning are:

  • The suffix –ly is added to an adjective to form an adverb. It is added straight on to most root words. (sadly, completely)


  • If it end s in –y with a consonant letter before it, the y is changed to i. (happily, angrily)
  • If the root word ends in –le, it is changed to –ly (gently, humbly)
  • If the root word ends in –ic, -ally is added. (basically, frantically)


The suffix –ation is added to verbs to form nouns. (information, adoration, sensation)


Words ending with –sion (division, invasion, confusion)


Tricky words to spell:

sentence          straight               strange            strength            suppose

surprise            though               although           thought             through          

various              weight                 woman             women            history



We will be continuing our learning of fractions which will then lead us on to decimals.


Throughout the half term, we will be consolidating our knowledge of shape and space; naming and describing the properties of different 2-D and 3-D shapes. We will also be looking at data and interpreting charts.


Wider curriculum



We will be learning all about the Romans. Why were they so successful? How and why did the invade Britain? What did they bring with them that we can still find evidence of today? What did the Romans do for entertainment? Did anyone fight back against the Romans? Why did the Romans leave Britain?

So many questions, so little time.

Finally, we will look at, in detail, the Roman army and how they became so successful in battle.


Art and Design

Mrs Lynn will be doing some fantastic art projects with you this term. I know you are already very excited!


Design Technology

In D&T, we will be focusing on seasonal food and will look at some different recipes we can make with products that we find all around us.



We will be exploring the impact that humans have on the world. Can it be avoided or not?



We will return to the teaching that should have taken place in Spring 1 and investigate how we publish documents using the computer.



We will focus on learning about Judaism and why a Jew visits a synagogue to worship. We will consider how someone's faith makes them behave in a certain way.


Additional Information


Reading, spelling shed and TimeTable Rockstar should be completed 4-5 times a week. Please record when this takes place on the WEDUC form. A new form will be available from 9:00 Monday and will close at 8:30 the following Monday morning.


Additional homework will be set on Fridays and will need to be submitted the following Wednesday.


PE will take place on Wednesday afternoon – make sure you come to school in your kit!

Useful Links

Become a rock hero and improve your speed. Will you win the battle of the bands? Keep an eye out on social media at our TTR challenge.

Times Tables Rock Stars (


Keep practising those spellings! We will have another spelling bee just before Easter!



Find out what Roman baths were actually like by taking a virtual tour in bath!

Roman Baths, Bath – Welcome to the Roman Baths


Carry out your own research about the Romans.

Facts about Romans for Kids - Roman Britain Homework help (


Prepare and cook your own food no matter what the season. Follow one of the recipes below. I would love to see your photographs!

Seasonal cooking provides opportunities to cook with your child all year long. (



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