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St Thomas C.E (VA) Primary School

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Learning for life with Jesus

Year 4

Year 4

Mrs Fry


Welcome back to a new year; I am so excited with what 2022 might bring! We have got lots to learn and some really exciting topics within our curriculum. This is also the term where we learn more about ourselves and become upper KS2 ready. Here's to a fun term with lots of smiles, questions and growing together!


Feel free to ask any questions at the end of the day, contact the office to make an appointment or email me at


Mrs Fry






Curriculum overview

Year 4 Timetable

What are we learning this term?




We will be focusing on the VIPERS skills to answer questions about what we have read. We will look at the layout and features of different fiction and non-fiction texts and explain how effective the presentation is for the reader. We will also explain how we know who the audience is and how a text could be improved to suit the needs of the audience.


Spelling Rules to learn:

  • The suffix –ous

Sometimes the root word is obvious and the usual rules apply for adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters.

  • -our is changed to –or before –our is added. (humorous, glamorous, vigorous)
  • A final ‘e’ of the root word must be kept if the /gz/ sound of ‘g’ is to be kept. (corageous, outrageous)
  • If there is and /i:/ sound before the –ous ending, it is usually seplt as I, but a few words have e. (serious, curious, hideous, courteous)
  • Endings which are –tion, -sion, -ssion, -cian
  • Words with the /k/ sound spelt ch (scheme, chorus, chemist)


Tricky words to spell:


Probably, accident, accidentally, quarter, promise, purpose, actual, actually, breath, breathe, complete, consider, experiment, experience, library, natural, occasion, occasionally, various, particular, reign, separate, recent, regular, although, enough, century, length, exercise, though, thought, naughty, strength, straight, woman, women, weight, particular, perhaps, position






  • We will secure our timestable knowledge to 12 x 12 and use multiplication and division facts to reason and solve problems.
  • We will learn to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000
  • We will use a written method to multiply and divide larger numbers
  • We will calculate the area of rectilinear shapes
  • We will secure our knowledge of fractions of shapes and different amounts.
  • We will match fractions to their equivalent decimals.



Using purple mash, we will know how to publish documents. We will also investigate how to change the variables of different programmes.



We will look at the 'Big' question: Why is the synagogue important to Jews? We will also consider how life is like a journey.


Additional Information


P.E. will take place on Monday afternoons and swimming will still be on Wednesdays. Please make sure your child has the correct kit for their lessons. If you have any questions about what they need to wear, please ask me at the door in the morning or after school or check in the school office.


Homework will be set on Mondays. This includes reading 4-5 times and recording it on the reading forms, spending 10 minutes each day on TTR and spelling shed and carrying out independent learning about our current topics.

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