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St Thomas C.E (VA) Primary School

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Learning for life with Jesus

Year 3

Year 3

Mr Hall


Welcome back to one and all for the second half of the Spring term!


I hope you had a wonderful half term break.


Once again we have a full curriculum diet to look forward to over the next few months.


In Science we continue with our topic on Rocks and then move on to investigate the the topic of Light.

Our Art topic becomes a major focus as we explore the fantastic work of Vincent van Gogh through a variety of media.


 The children are just so fantastic and it is a real blessing seeing them grow and develop.


If you have any additional questions, please catch me at the end of the day or arrange an appointment through the office.


You can also contact me through the class email: 


Mr Hall


Curriculum Overview

Weekly Timetable

What are we learning this term?

This term we are going to be learning about Prehistoric Britain. We will learn about key events that happened and look closely at how they affected people's lives. We will also discover what life was like living in these times.

We will think about how they used the natural world to survive and how they mastered their inventions to make tools. We will think about the work of archeologists and how they help us to recognise what life was like in the past. 


Finally, we will link our Science topic on 'Rocks, within this topic too.




This term we will be creating, telling and writing stories. This will include us:

  • Planning and telling stories varying our voice and intonation to create effects and sustain interest. Plan & write familiar whole stories altering & describing characters or setting. Use a structured sequence of events in paragraphs. Use complete sentences in 3rd person and past tense. Use story language, dialogue & “” .

  • Identify common features and themes in different types of traditional story: fables, myths, legends, fairy and folk tales. 


Biography Writing

We will be finding out about the life of Mary Anning and writing about her life and explorations.

Explanation Writing

We will write a set of explanations  based around our Science topic explaining how fossils and rocks are formed.


Story Writing

We will develop ideas around the content of writing an adventure story based upon the story of 

'The Dragon Slayer'. This will allow us to develop character and setting descriptions using the theme of the story.



We will be focusing on the 'VIPERS' skill of explaining. We will look at the layout and features of different fiction and non-fiction texts and consider how effective the layout is for the reader. We will also explain how we know who the audience is and how a text could be improved to suit their needs and interests.


We will be reading - 'Stig of the Dump'  by Clive King as our class text.



The spelling rules we are working on are;


  • Adding suffixes  beginning  vowel letters to words with more than one syllable.
  • The i sound spelt y
  • The sound of ou
  • Words with the ei sound


Tricky words to spell:

    forgetting, beginner, gardener, myth, gym, pyramid, mystery, young, touch,

    double, trouble, country, eight, weigh, neighbour, they, obey. 



Our first block of learning focuses on measurement. We will do this by:


  • Number: Multiplication and Division
  • Number: Money
  • Number: Statistics



Our smaller steps to do this will be based around:

  • Developing the 2,4, and 8 times tables
  • Multiplying and dividing 2 digits by 1 digits
  • Counting money in pounds and pence
  • Adding and subtracting money
  • Giving change
  • Making tally charts
  • Making and interpreting pictograms
  • Making and using bar charts



Wider curriculum


Our new topic for this term in science is called, 'Where do rocks come from? .' We will be exploring different types of rocks and their properties. 


After half-term, we will explore the topic of 'Light'- looking at how light travels



We will focus on 'What we can learn from a mosque?'  We will explore some of the key Islamic beliefs is like ,and explore what it means for us today.



We will be studying some of the fantastic work of  Vincent van Gogh and producing work in their style through a variety of media. 



Our violin lessons begin to take place at the start of the autumn term. Mrs Hollinshurst (who is an excellent violinist) will be joining the children on a Tuesday morning to take them on their very own musical journey.



We will be planning, making and evaluating different types of electrical light signs.



Sessions will take place on both a  Thursday and Friday  – make sure you come to school in your kit!


Additional Information

Reading, spelling shed and TimeTable Rockstar should be completed 4-5 times a week.





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