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St Thomas C.E (VA) Primary School

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Learning for life with Jesus

Year 2

Year 2

Miss Bolton

Welcome back Year 2!


We started off the year with a fantastic start, we settled back in to the school routine with ease and began our learning adventures! We have learnt so much already however, there is much more to learn and I know our Year 2 superstars are up for the challenge and will be ready to start back after Christmas.  


Our class page is a place to have a sneak peak at what we will be learning about this term; it will provide you with some useful information about the topics we are exploring and the websites you can browse should you want to take your learning home.


As always, many thanks to all those who continue to support the school in all that we do. 


If you have any additional questions, please catch me at the end of the day or arrange an appointment through the office.


You can also contact me through the class email: 


Miss Bolton :) 

Curriculum overview

Weekly Timetable Y2

What are we learning for the Spring term?


Curriculum SubjectEnglish 'BIG' Question

Geography: Would you prefer to live in England or Africa?

We will be exploring what life is like for people who live outside Europe. We will be looking at Kenyan schools, the climate, the fruits, the vegetables and the animals. 


Would you prefer to live in England or Africa?

To write a nonchronological report. 

Art: What is a sculpture?

We will be learning about different artists and what a sculpture is.

What is sculpture?

To write an explanation text.

Science: How does our world change? What material would be a good choice?

How does our world change? To explore shape poems.

DT: How can I make a Wacky Windmill?

We will be looking at the materials we use and how they are good for a job. Designing, making and evaluating.

How can I make a wacky windmill?

What is the story setting like in a traditional tale or fairy tale? 




Spelling Rules to learn:


• Adding –ed, -ing, -er and –est to a word ending with y

• Adding –ed, -ing, -er and –est to words ending with e with a consonant before it. (hiked, smiling, finest)

• Adding –ed, -ing, -er and –est and –y to words of one syllable ending in a singular consonant letter after the single vowel letter (fatter, hummed, runny) The letter ‘x’ is the exception

• The y is changed to ie before –es is added. (flies, replies, tries)

• The suffixes –ment, -ful, -less and –ly. If a suffix starts with a consonant letter, it’s added on to most root words. (enjoyment, sadness, badly) Exceptions: argument and root words ending in y.


Tricky words to spell

Said, like, do, come, there, little, out, have, so, some, were, one, when, what, of, says, your, here, love, our, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, January, February, March, April




This term we will cover;

  • Number: Multiplication and Division
  • Statistics 
  • Geometry: Properties of Shape
  • Number: Fraction


We will start by focusing on Money which will include the small steps;

  •  To recognise coins and notes
  • Count money
  • Select money
  • Compare money
  • Make the same amount 
  • Find the total
  • Find the difference
  • Find the change 



This term we will be exploring the ways we know if a website is safe or not and how to communicate information using a computer. 



We will start by looking at the big question 'What do Jews believe?' and exploring the religion of Judaism. Towards the end of the half term we will explore the question 'Why does Easter matter to Christians?' and unpick the Easter story and it's importance to Christians. 







Additional Information


PE will take place on Fridays and every other Monday (the Monday PE session starting on Week 2)– make sure you come to school in your kit! Please remove any earrings.




Reading, Spelling shed and Times Table Rockstars should be completed 4-5 times a week. Please record when this takes place on the WEDUC form. A new form will be available from 9:00 Monday and will close at 8:30 the following Monday morning.


Reading books are due in on a Monday and new books will be issued on the same day. 



Here are some useful links:


  • Literactive  Literacy games, activities and ebooks for P1-P3 children
  • PhonicsPlay is fantastic for practising your phonic sounds, tricky words and also some spelling rules!

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