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St Thomas C.E (VA) Primary School

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Learning for life with Jesus


Reception Class

Mrs. Swift



Hi everyone,

I can't believe that we only have one half term left in Reception!

I have really loved teaching you, you are all such wonderful children. This half term we are continuing with our theme of 'The Great Outdoors' and we have another exciting half term of learning ahead of us. We are going to be thinking about the seaside, which will be great fun. I look forward to hearing what you've been up to over half term. I'm sure we will have a fantastic time together!

Mrs. Swift laugh






Curriculum Overview

Weekly timetable

What are we learning this term?



This half term, we will be reading a wide range of fiction and non- fiction texts linked to the great outdoors. We will continue looking at the features of non-fiction texts (heading, captions, index pages, glossary and photographs/diagrams), exploring how the layouts look different compared to fiction texts. In addition, we will look at how to retell and sequence some of the wonderful stories that we will be reading.



We are learning to spell words with blends and clusters;

st, mp, nd, nt, nk, ft, sk, lt, cr, br, fr, bl, fl, gl, pl, cl, sn, nch, scr, shr, lp, lf, lk, pt, xt, tr, gr, dr, sl, sp, st, tw, sm, pr, sc, thr, str.


Reception tricky words to read, write and spell

Phase 4 - said, have, like, so, do, some, come, little, one, were, there, out, what, when



We will continue on our exciting writing adventure. This half term, we will continue to learn how to write words and sentences independently, checking that they make sense. We will learn the difference between fiction and non fiction texts. We will retell stories and make up our own sentences. We will focus on 'The Big Out of Doors Storybook' by Shirley Hughes, 'The Singing Mermaid' by Julia Donaldson, 'Smiley Shark' and 'Smiley Shark and the Big Hiccup' by Julia Donaldson, 'Surprising Sharks', 'Pirates Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs' by Giles Anderson and non-fiction books about plants and flowers.



We are learning about shapes this half term for our first block. Then our next blocks of learning are; Find My Pattern and On the Move.


Throughout the term, we will be learning about weighing items and comparing weights. We will also learn about capacity and use vocabulary linked to capacity (more, full, empty, nearly full), length and height, and time.



Our learning question for topic is ‘What can we do in the great outdoors?’. To fully explore this, we will be investigating exciting environments like the farm, the seaside and the park as well as enjoying the beautiful flowers and plants which grow there. We will also think about how we can look after our world, God's creation.


For our RE we will be exploring the learning question:

What makes every person special, unique or important?


Finally, in ICT our learning question is 'Can we paint a picture on the computer?'



Additional Information


Please ensure you read with your son/daughter little and often (10-15 mins daily, where possible). Reading and library books are due in on every Monday and new books will be issued the same day.


PE will take place on Thursday morning – make sure you come to school in your kit!


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