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St Thomas C.E (VA) Primary School

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Learning for life with Jesus


Curriculum intent


We aspire for all to achieve their God-given academic and personal potential, so that they can make a positive impact in the world. 'Learning for life with Jesus' is at the centre of what we do underpinned by our distinctively Christian values ensuring we are wholly inclusive.

Our curriculum is designed to fully meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum but also to ensure that we provide rich learning opportunities, which deepen and extend understanding. The curriculum is divided into subjects and are blocked in order to facilitate better quality, deeper learning. This is achieved by providing a sustained and concentrated approach, allowing the children time to fully immerse themselves with each subject without spending time at the beginning of each lesson revising prior learning. 


It is also important that children recognise and appreciate each subject in its own right; valuing the necessary skills and knowledge that can be transferred across the curriculum when appropriate. 


Please see how we approach the different stages and subjects within our curriculum.

Wider Curriculum

Science, Computing, Geography, History, Art, D&T, French, PSHE, and Music are taught through a topic approach. This is based on the International Primary Curriculum but we have adapted this to ensure that it is focused on the objectives from the new National Curriculum as well as aligning themselves with the robust curriculum at our partner school, The King’s. This has allowed us to maintain a creative and engaging approach to these subjects whilst ensuring rigor and high standards.




We have identified objectives for each year which build on particular threads for example Fieldwork in Geography or Chronological Understanding in History. These threads run through the school. Through our objectives sheet for each subject and unit, we have identified the skills we require children to learn as they move through the school. This has been designed to enable objectives and skills to be taught in a systematic and developmental way, ensuring that children are acquiring and then building on skills in a logical manner. We have recognised opportunities where we can make links to previous learning and build upon this. We believe that as the children develop skills in practical, real-life situations they will be in a better place to acquire the necessary knowledge in a relevant subject area. 



We recognise the importance of knowledge in our curriculum. We have identified the knowledge that we feel that is important that children learn and acquire at St Thomas’. We have carefully considered what will be taught at the local secondary school The King’s, ensuring that we get the children as prepared for the next stage of their education as possible. Links have been identified throughout our curriculum to enable children to build and extend their knowledge as they move through primary school. 


We have decided that the vast majority of subjects will be taught discretely, however, where links can be made between subjects thematically, teachers will endeavour to exploit this.

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